Prostitution is legal in this wonderful country: Here is where everyone that is coming without a partner needs to let us know some details that will remain confidential!! You will never fill anything out!! No paper trail!! We will have a phone conversation and get a feel for the situation (lol) let us know what kind of fantasy woman or man you dream of? Don't be shy! For example My friend asked me for a woman around 5ft4in a hundred pounds with long thick dark hair, breasts about the size of a baseball, no stretch marks, brown eyes, thin eye brows, perfect feet, a little junk in the trunk, long red fingernails, soft skin, loves to give head, tight pussy!!!! Well I just put this info into the main computer and got the name of his dream girl. Told him that $100.00 would let him play for an hour or $300.00 he could take her to his room for the night and if he liked what he experienced! Let's plan an adventure to the waterfalls or some other secluded Costa Rican hideaway where we could really have some passionate fun. My friend went crazy and had three great $100.00 hours and then booked all three girls for a naked rafting and waterfall adventure for the whole day and spent $2,500.00 for everything including food, drinks, transportation, guide and tips. You want to see the Video? So do I..

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